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UICC World Cancer Congress 2006

Bridging the Gap: Transforming Knowledge into Action

July 8-12, 2006, Washington, DC, USA

Sunday, 9 July 2006 - 12:00 PM

Colon Cancer Awareness Campaign Targeting the Chinese American Population

Sandra Robinson, MBA, Mission Delivery, American Cancer Society, California Division, 1710 Webster Street, Oakland, CA 94612

Objective:To create culturally appropriate health information ads, by collaborating with Asian ad agencies, to encourage the Chinese American population to learn more about colon cancer and reinforce the importance of early detection and prevention.

Methods:Four leading Asian American owned competing advertising agencies joined forces to launch a pro-bono media campaign to raise colon cancer awareness and screening rates among Chinese Americans in the United States. The agencies, AAAZa Advertising, Dae Advertising, InterTrend Communications and the IW Group created four print ads in Chinese and English. These ads featured survivors of Chinese American descent, who volunteered to tell their stories of survival. The print advertising was run from June to August, 2004. Three Chinese press releases were distributed to strengthen the awareness campaign.

Results:The ads were run during a three-month period. Key print media not only provided a special discount and bonus to support the campaign, but also committed to donate available spaces to extend the advertising period to the end of the year. The result was the campaign achieved a significant value of $42,642.48 against the $27,827.56 budget. The advertising frequency reached 66% more than average nonprofit ads campaign. The campaign solicited more than 200 calls during the three-month advertising period, and generated 30 news clippings through Chinese press release distributions. With 90% key messages delivered, the value of news clippings was equivalent to the advertising value of $18,818.40. The Colon Cancer Awareness campaign targeting the Chinese American population generated positive responses and feedbacks from the Chinese community.

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