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UICC World Cancer Congress 2006

Bridging the Gap: Transforming Knowledge into Action

July 8-12, 2006, Washington, DC, USA

Sunday, 9 July 2006 - 12:00 PM

Providing Clinical Trails Education to Diverse Populations

Linda U. Krebs, RN, PhD1, Linda Burhansstipanov, MSPH, DrPH2, and Eduard Gamito, BS1. (1) University of Colorado School of Nursing -- C288-18, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, 4200 East Ninth Avenue, Denver, CO 80262, (2) Native American Cancer Research, 3022 South Nova Road, Pine, CO 80470-7830

Objective: The goal of this presentation is to describe strategies used to educate diverse populations about cancer clinical trials.

Methods: Multiple cancer clinical trials education modules were developed for both healthcare providers and diverse patient and family populations using a multidisciplinary research team. Each module consists of an overall objective, specific educational objectives, didactic material, interactive actvities and pre and post learning evaluations. Additional materials including video vignettes and educational queries are added to enhance learning. The modules are combined to create an educational session that meets the needs of the organization. An Audience Response System (ARS) is used to gather demographic and pre and post learning evaluations. The evaluations allow the presenters to update and revise materials as appropriate. Modules are designed to be culturally specific for diverse populations.

Results: More than 800 individuals from diverse populations have received the educational materials. Evaluations have shown a significant change in knowledge between pre and post learning evaluations. The use of interactive activities, video clips and the ARS have added to participant learning. Increased numbers of minority population members are requesting new or ongoing programs. Programs have resulted in enhanced informed decision-making about clinical trials participation.

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