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The 13th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health

Building capacity for a tobacco-free world

July 12-15, 2006, Washington, DC, USA

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday, 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
  1: Achieving Global Economic Justice and a Tobacco-Free World (Plenary)

Wednesday, 4:30 PM-6:00 PM
  2: The Human Impact of Tobacco: From Statistics to People (Plenary)

  3: The Unintended Consequences of Well-Intentioned Tobacco Control Policies (Plenary)

  4: Maintaining Momentum: What Should We Be Doing More of in Tobacco Control (Plenary)

  5: Big Tobacco: Who are They and is it Business as Usual? (Plenary)

  6: Worldwide Diversity of Tobacco Products (Plenary)
Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday, 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
  7: WHO - Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (Plenary)

Thursday, 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
  8: People and Tobacco: from Use to Addiction (Plenary)

  9: Tobacco Product Regulation (Plenary)

  10: Achieving Big Impact with a Small Budget (Plenary)

  11: Tobacco Control Successes: Smoking Out the Entertainment Industry (Plenary)

  12: Low Tar Cigarettes: Past Mistakes; Avoiding Them in the Future (Plenary)

Thursday, 12:00 PM-1:30 PM
  13: Poster Session - Thursday (Poster)

  14: POSTER SESSIONS - Thursday (Poster)

  15: POSTER SESSIONS - Thursday (Poster)

  16: POSTER SESSIONS - Thursday (Poster)

Thursday, 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
  17: Developing Country Perspectives on Bridging Research to Intervention (Symposium)
  18: Genetics of Smoking: Hope and Hypes (Symposium)
  19: Addressing Tobacco Use in the Context of Comorbidity (Proffered papers)
  20: Gradual Cessation Via NRT: New Data on Efficacy, Acceptability and UK Implementation (Proffered papers)
  21: Identifying and Addressing Disparities (Proffered papers)
  22: Patterns of Tobacco Use and Cessation (Proffered papers)
  23: The Risk of Tobacco: Global and Regional Estimates (Proffered papers)
  24: Tobacco Cessation in Patient Care Settings (Proffered papers)
  25: Youth Tobacco Prevention Interventions (Proffered papers)

  26: Burgeoning Regulatory Issues in Clean Indoor Air Policy (Seminar)
  27: Combating Corporate “Good Guy” Efforts: Examples from the Field (Seminar)
  28: Legislative Drafting and Support (Seminar)
  29: Tax Increases As Tobacco Policy (Seminar)
  30: Indigenous People and Tobacco Control: Policy, Advocacy, and Cultural Issues (Panel)
  31: From Letter Writing to Legislative Visits: Youth Advocating for Policy Change (Workshop)
  32: Ratifying the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (Proffered papers)
  33: Strategies in Limiting the Power of the Tobacco Industry (Proffered papers)
  34: The Economics of Tobacco: Health Costs and Poverty (Proffered papers)
  35: The Global Proliferation of Secondhand Smoke Protections: Implications for the Field (Proffered papers)
  36: Using Education, Media, and Polling to Advance Tobacco Control (Proffered papers)

  37: Engaging Partners in Tobacco Dependence Treatment: A Consultation on Global Cessation Treatment (Workshop)
  38: Engaging Religion in Tobacco Control (Part 1) (Workshop)
  39: Fundraising Events: Practical Tips for Generating Needed Funds (Workshop)
  40: Using Global Youth Tobacco Surveillance Data for Program Planning and Evaluation (Part 1) (Workshop)

  41: BAT’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program: Rhetoric and Reality (Panel)
  42: How the Tobacco Industry Builds Economic Influence and Makes Friends in High Places (Panel)
  43: The MSA: What Was It Good For? (Panel)
  44: Issues in Tobacco Litigation and Research Funding Ethics (Proffered papers)
  45: The tobacco industry and youth smoking: how much they profit from it, how one “anti-smoking” campaign may encourage youth smoking, and how one company attempted to use litigation to end an effective prevention campaign (Proffered papers)
  46: Tobacco Product Marketing: From The World Wide Web to Urban Neighborhoods (Proffered papers)

  47: Assessing Products for Harm (Seminar)
  48: Regulating Cigarettes for Fire Safety (Seminar)
  49: Manipulating the Smoker: Additives, Flavors, and the Senses (Proffered papers)

  50: FRENCH SESSION - Implementing the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (Panel, French)
  51: SPANISH SESSION - Political Advocacy for the Signature and Ratification of the FCTC (Panel, Spanish)

Thursday, 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
  52: Exploring the Relationship Between Tobacco Use and Tuberculosis (Symposium)
  53: Social Context of Smoking Behavior (Symposium)
  54: Descriptive Studies of Youth Smoking (Proffered papers)
  55: Exposure to Secondhand Smoke: Predictors, Measures, and Interventions (Proffered papers)
  56: Fighting Tobacco Industry Influence in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community: the California Model (Proffered papers)
  57: Nicotine Exposure During Pregnancy: How Does it Relate to Later Behavioral Problems? (Proffered papers)
  58: Reaching Urban and High-Risk Youth Populations with Branding (Proffered papers)
  59: Secondhand Smoke Exposure Among Women and Children (Proffered papers)
  60: Tobacco Research: Capacity, Methodology, and Ethics (Proffered papers)
  61: Tobacco Use and Cessation Among Young Adults (Proffered papers)
  62: Tools and Methods for Measurement (Proffered papers)

  63: Advertising and Freedom of Speech (Symposium)
  64: Holding Big Tobacco Accountable for Child Labor and Forced Labor in Offshore Tobacco Production (Symposium)
  65: Trade Policy and Tobacco Control (Seminar)
  66: Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs: The California Tobacco Control Program (Seminar)
  67: An Expanding Strategy: the Role of Litigation in Tobacco Control (Proffered papers)
  68: Building Global Solidarity: Taking on the Tobacco Industry Across Borders (Proffered papers)
  69: Health and Economic Costs of Smoking in China: Burden and Solutions (Proffered papers)
  70: Implementing the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (Proffered papers)
  71: Secondhand Smoke Policies and their Impacts on the Hospitality Industry (Proffered papers)
  72: The Impact of Various Cessation Interventions: From Quitlines to Mandated Coverage (Proffered papers)
  73: The Politics Associated with Secondhand Smoke Policies (Proffered papers)
  74: Tobacco Economics: The Role of Price and Taxes on Tobacco Use (Proffered papers)
  75: Using Electronic and Web-based Tools to further Tobacco Control (Proffered papers)

  76: Engaging Non-Governmental Organizations and Other Partners for a Smoke-Free World (Workshop)
  77: Engaging Religion in Tobacco Control (Part 2) (Workshop)
  78: Fundraising: Grants and Proposals (Workshop)
  79: Using Data to Put Advocacy into Action: Monitoring and Evaluating Implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (Workshop)
  80: Using Global Youth Tobacco Surveillance Data for Program Planning and Evaluation (Part 2) (Workshop)

  81: Co-opting the Tobacco Control Movement: Philip Morris's "Extreme Makeover" (Panel)
  82: Smoking Out Industry Front Groups (Panel)
  83: Beating Up Big Tobacco in the Courtroom (Meet the Speaker)
  84: Countering Corporate Responsibility with Low Budget Media and Grassroots Advocacy (Proffered papers)
  85: New Frontiers in Smuggling and the Economics of Tobacco Trade (Proffered papers)
  86: Tobacco Product Marketing: Perceptions and Industry Practices (Proffered papers)

  87: Breast Cancer and Second Hand Smoke: The State of the Evidence (Symposium)
  88: Cities Fighting Tobacco: Municipal Strategies for Tobacco Control (Symposium)
  89: Gutka: Lessons Learned (Seminar)
  90: Product Characteristics That Appeal To Women and Children (Seminar)
  91: Are Cigarettes Safer? Analyzing Products and Industry Claims (Proffered papers)
  92: Regulating Nicotine Replacement Therapy to Advance Public Health (Proffered papers)
  93: Tobacco Around the World (Proffered papers)

  94: FRENCH SESSION - Africa: The Latest Theater of the Tactics of the Tobacco Industry? (Panel, French)
  95: SPANISH SESSION - Tobacco Economics (Panel, Spanish)
Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday, 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
  96: Evolution of the Tobacco Industry: Will the Game Ever be Over (Plenary)

Friday, 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
  97: Motivating and Helping People to Quit: Individual and Population Approaches (Plenary)

  98: The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (Plenary)

  99: Global Lessons for Smoke Free Air (Plenary)

  100: The Illegal Tobacco Trade: A Case Study (Plenary)

  101: Issues in Harm Reduction (Plenary)

Friday, 12:00 PM-1:30 PM
  102: Poster Session - Friday (Poster)

  103: POSTER SESSIONS - Friday (Poster)

  104: POSTER SESSIONS - Friday (Poster)

  105: POSTER SESSIONS - Friday (Poster)

Friday, 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
  106: Increasing Public Health Value from the Science of Quitlines (Symposium)
  107: Quit-and-Win Campaign: History and New Applications (Symposium)
  108: Tobacco Control Efforts by Medical Professions in Low-Income Countries (Symposium)
  109: A Decade of Progress: Celebrating the 1996 United States Clinical Practice Guideline on treating tobacco dependence (Proffered papers)
  110: Correlates of Youth Smoking (Proffered papers)
  111: Smoking Cessation: Diverse Perspectives (Proffered papers)
  112: Women and Tobacco: Studies From Around the World (Proffered papers)

  113: The Future of Multi-Country Protocols for Tobacco Control (Symposium)
  114: The Internet Dilemma: Tobacco control’s role in marketing, youth access, sales, tax evasion, and smuggling (Symposium)
  115: Efforts to Regulate Tobacco Product Packaging, Promotion and Retailing (Proffered papers)
  116: Issues in Implementation and Enforcement of the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (Proffered papers)
  117: New Frontiers in Clean Indoor Air: Smokefree Housing, Gaming, and Worksites (Proffered papers)
  118: The Impact of Tobacco Control Legislation: From Secondhand Smoke Policies to Comprehensive Tobacco Control Laws (Proffered papers)
  119: Tobacco Control Policy Development Models and Efforts to Expand Enforcement of Existing Laws (Proffered papers)
  120: Youth Perceptions about Tobacco and Their Efforts to Reduce Tobacco Use (Proffered papers)

  121: How to Bring Students and Professionals in the Health Care Sector to the Cause to Tobacco Prevention and Cessation (Part 1) (Workshop)
  122: Making the Case for Smoke-Free Air: Conducting Indoor Air Quality Studies (Workshop)
  123: Prevention of Smoking Among Women and Girls: International Tools (Workshop)
  124: Using Technology to Monitor and Implement the WHO-FCTC: The Framework Convention Alliance (Workshop)

  125: Environmental Impact of Tobacco Growing (Panel)
  126: History of Tobacco Industry Sponsored Research – The Fox in the Hen House (Panel)
  127: Industry Youth Prevention Campaigns – Give Me a Break! (Panel)
  128: Privatization of State-Owned Tobacco Industries: Issues, Impacts and Solutions (Panel)
  129: Should We Talk to the Tobacco Industry? (Panel)
  130: Film Documentary – Science For Sale (Meet the Speaker)
  131: China Tobacco Agriculture and Cigarette Manufacturing: An Economy in Transition (Proffered papers)
  132: Countering Tobacco Industry Marketing Efforts (Proffered papers)
  133: Tobacco Industry Influence and Interference in Policy Development (Proffered papers)

  134: Bidi Cigarettes (Seminar)
  135: PREPs: What They Are, What They Do, How They are Advertised, How They Can Be Tested and Regulated (Seminar)
  136: Roll Your Own Tobacco (Seminar)
  137: Measuring Tobacco Emissions and the Impact of Tobacco Use: Cigarettes and Waterpipe (Proffered papers)

  138: FRENCH SESSION - The Tobacco Industry: Foe or Adversary? (Panel, French)
  139: SPANISH SESSION - Efforts of the Tobacco Industry to Undermine Public Health in Latin America (Panel, Spanish)

Friday, 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
  140: Exploitation by Tobacco: Who and Where are the Most Vulnerable Populations? (Symposium)
  141: Population Impact of NRT Use (Symposium)
  142: Second-Hand Smoke as a Population Cessation Strategy: Implications for Developing Countries (Symposium)
  143: The Interconnection Between Tobacco and Social Injustice Among Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific (Symposium)
  144: Communicating Risk and Building Success for Tobacco Prevention in the Workplace – A multi-cultural view (Proffered papers)
  145: Health Care Providers and Quitlines Join Forces (Proffered papers)
  146: Innovative Approaches to Cessation (Proffered papers)
  147: Media Promotion from Down Under (Proffered papers)
  148: The Means and Utility of Providing Free NRT (Proffered papers)

  149: Social and Economic Costs of Growing Tobacco (Seminar)
  150: Countering Tobacco Industry Strategies (Workshop)
  151: Political and Cultural Barriers to Policy Development (Workshop)
  152: Strategies for the WHO - Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Implementation (Earlier Ratifiers) (Workshop)
  153: Combating illicit trade in tobacco products: The new kids on the block (Proffered papers)
  154: Findings from the International Tobacco Control Policy Surveys (Proffered papers)
  155: Issues in Tobacco Policy Development: Sales, Norm Change, Religion and Human Rights (Proffered papers)
  156: Litigation as a Strategic Tool (Proffered papers)
  157: Measuring Secondhand Smoke in Workplaces, Homes, Cars and Outdoors (Proffered papers)
  158: Monitoring of the WHO FCTC by Civil Society: FCA FCTC Monitor (Proffered papers)
  159: Plain Packaging of Tobacco Products: Time for Action (Proffered papers)

  160: How to Bring Students and Professionals in the Health Care Sector to the Cause to Tobacco Prevention and Cessation (Part 2) (Workshop)
  161: Making the Case for Smoke Free Air: Practice Tools for Enforcement of Smoke-free Laws at the Local and National Level (Workshop)
  162: Media Advocacy: Case Studies for Success (Workshop)
  163: Using International Tobacco Control Research for Media and Policy Advocacy (Workshop)

  164: U.S. v. Philip Morris: Implications for Tobacco Control in the United States and Beyond (Seminar)
  165: Canaries in the Mine: Smoking and Flight Attendant Health (Panel)
  166: Economic Benefits and Myths of Tobacco Agriculture: Tobacco Farming in Africa (Panel)
  167: Tobacco Industry Spokespeople Say the Darndest Things: Vote on the Top 10 Most Outrageous Statements (Panel)
  168: Tobacco Industry Efforts at Corporate Responsibility (Proffered papers)

  169: Ethical Perspectives on Tobacco Harm Reduction (Symposium)
  170: WHO & Tobacco Product Regulation in Light of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (Symposium)
  171: Where to Go From ISO (Symposium)
  172: Sweetening the Poison: How the Tobacco Industry Uses Flavorants to Control the Future (Seminar)
  173: Waterpipe: Use, Prevention, Effects (Seminar)
  174: Harm Reduction by Nicotine Delivery (Proffered papers)

  175: FRENCH SESSION - Tobacco Wars: Updating the Cartel's Tactics from the Findings in Confidential Corporate Documents (Panel, French)
  176: SPANISH SESSION - Product Packaging and Labeling (Panel, Spanish)
Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday, 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
  177: Expanding Quitline Networks: Research and Practice (Symposium)
  178: Impact of Tobacco Disparities on Communities of Color in the US (Symposium)
  179: Models for Tobacco Treatment from Around the World (Symposium)
  180: Partnerships Between Tobacco and Non-Tobacco Programs: Maternal and Child Health (Symposium)
  181: Responding to the Global Tobacco Epidemic among Women – Presentations from the Global Report (Symposium)
  182: Behavioral Interventions for Diverse Populations (Proffered papers)
  183: Cross-Fertilization: Tobacco Control and Chronic Disease (Proffered papers)
  184: Improving the Capacity of Governments and NGOs to Develop and Implement Effective Smoking Cessation Campaigns: Country-Specific Case Studies (Proffered papers)
  185: Project Quit Tobacco International (Proffered papers)
  186: Results from the ITC Four Country Survey (Proffered papers)
  187: Tobacco Cessation on the Internet (Proffered papers)
  188: Toward More Effective Social Marketing Campaigns (Proffered papers)
  189: Youth Tobacco Cessation Interventions (Proffered papers)

  190: COP Update (Seminar)
  191: Effectiveness of Warning Labels Across Countries: Findings from the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project (Seminar)
  192: Shift in Leaf Purchases from Developed to Developing Countries (Seminar)
  193: The Surgeon General's Reports (Seminar)
  194: Smoke Free British Isles: Challenges and Successes (Panel)
  195: Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Restrictions: How to Avoid Loopholes (Workshop)
  196: Strategies For WHO - Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Ratification (Recent Ratifiers) (Workshop)
  197: Evaluating Clean Indoor Air Policies: Data from New Zealand, Ireland, Ukraine, Italy, and the United States (Proffered papers)
  198: Issues in Tobacco Product Marketing, Advertising and Retailing (Proffered papers)
  199: Measuring Secondhand Smoke in Restaurants, Pubs, and in Gaming Establishments (Proffered papers)
  200: Reducing Tobacco Consumption: Increasing Taxes and Eliminating Advertising (Proffered papers)
  201: The World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and Trade Issues (Proffered papers)
  202: Tobacco Policy Development on College Campuses (Proffered papers)
  203: Tobacco Product Composition: Implications for Regulatory Strategies (Proffered papers)

  204: Developing & Implementing Effective Capacity Building Programs (Workshop)
  205: Educate, Motivate, Advocate: Global Youth Advocacy 101 (Workshop)
  206: From Tax to Tobacco Control: Models for Funding Sustainable Tobacco Control in Developing Countries (Workshop)
  207: Quit Days: Lessons from Evaluation (Workshop)

  208: Smoking and the Arts (Panel)
  209: Challenging Tobacco Industry Interference in Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Implementation (Proffered papers)
  210: Global Tobacco Industry Strategies to Prevent Regulation of Second Hand Smoke (Proffered papers)
  211: Tobacco Industry Strategies and Tactics in Maintaining and Expanding their Empire (Proffered papers)

  212: Scanning the Horizon: The Tobacco Market In 2026 (Seminar)
  213: A Comprehensive Framework for the Evaluation of Potentially Reduced Exposure Products (PREPs) (Proffered papers)
  214: Prenatal Nicotine Exposure: What Happens in Adolescence? (Proffered papers)
  215: Regulating and Measuring Tobacco Products (Proffered papers)
  216: Tobacco Use Harm Reduction: Issues in Perceptions, Products and Marketing (Proffered papers)

  217: FRENCH SESSION - Changes are Around the Corner (Panel, French)
  218: SPANISH SESSION - Smokefree Environments (Panel, Spanish)

Saturday, 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
  219: Interrupting the Progression of Tobacco Use in the Population (Plenary)

  220: The Millennium Development Goals and Tobacco Control (Plenary)
  221: Tobacco Industry Denormalization: A critical element in any comprehensive tobacco control plan (Plenary)

  222: Advocacy Advice from Other Movements (Plenary)

  223: Predatory Business Practices of Tobacco Transnationals (Plenary)

  224: Swedish Snus: Panacea or Pandora's Box? (Plenary)

Saturday, 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
  225: Closing Session (Plenary)