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The 13th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health

Building capacity for a tobacco-free world

July 12-15, 2006, Washington, DC, USA

Thursday, July 13, 2006 - 8:30 AM

WHO FCTC: WHO's Vision for the Future

Yumiko Mochizuki-Kobayashi, MD, PhD, Tobacco Free Initiative, World Health Organization, 20 Avenue Appia, Geneva, CH-1211, Switzerland

The Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI) was established to focus international attention, resources and action on the global tobacco epidemic with the mission to reduce the global burden of disease and death caused by tobacco. To accomplish this, TFI provides scientific basis for policy development; exercises strong policy leadership; encourages mobilization at all levels of society; promotes the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) -- encourages countries to adhere to its principles and supports them in the implementation of tobacco control measures based on its provisions; and, performs the interim Convention Secretariat functions.

In light of the entry into force of WHO's first treaty, and of the post-first session of the Conference of the Parties, the Director of TFI will explain her vision of global tobacco control for the future, utilizing the provisions of the Framework Convention as a roadmap. The Treaty is the main working tool based around which TFI activities are structured and guiding principles built. The Framework Convention is the tool that guides the technical support provided to countries which also includes support to become a Party to it.

Activities will aim at promoting international cooperation and strengthening the infrastructure and capacity at country level for tobacco control for effective implementation of the WHO FCTC. TFI carries out all the above activities in an effort to see tobacco dropping off the list of leading preventable causes of deaths in the world and pave the way towards a tobacco free future for our children.

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