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The 13th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health

Building capacity for a tobacco-free world

July 12-15, 2006, Washington, DC, USA

Thursday, July 13, 2006 - 12:00 PM

Senior High School Student's Opinion on Efforts of Controlling Tobacco Epidemic

Santi Martini, MS, Epidemiology, School of Public Health, Airlangga University, Campus C Unair Mulyorejo, Surabaya, Indonesia

Objective: Smokers don't only affect their own health, but surrounding people health, as well. In Indonesia, smoker prevalence rate has increased from year to year. Many efforts that have been launched by government to control smoking and to decrease cigarettes demand. However, the regulations have not been implemented yet properly. The study objective is to investigate opinions to tobacco controlling which are agreed by students, as a special grou

Methods: the study was observational study with cross-sectional design. The study was conducted in four districts or municipalities in East Java Province i.e. Jember, Madiun, Malang and Bangkalan. In each area was selected 10 Senior High School randomly. Sample Unit was Senior High School student who came from a selected class. A whole students in selected class were recruited as sample dan participating in the study voluntary, the sample size were 1630 students.

Results: Prevalence rate of ever smoked among senior high school students was 32 % in both sexes, 36,3% in male students and 27,1% in female students. Half of them still smoke until the research conducted. One person among two persons who ever smoked disagreed to opinion about smoking in public places against to rule and prohibition to cigarette advertisements and sponsorship. However, there are 7 - 8 persons among ten persons who ever smoked agreed to availability smoking and non-smoking areas separately, limitation to cigarettes access, and utilization cigarette tax for anti smoking campaign. All opinions of controlling tobacco epidemic are similar in different research areas.

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