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The 13th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health

Building capacity for a tobacco-free world

July 12-15, 2006, Washington, DC, USA

Thursday, July 13, 2006 - 12:00 PM

Medical Staff Smoking and Tobacco Cessation Service Survey in Shanghai

Ming Li, MS, Tobacco Control Section, Shanghai Health Education Institute, Jiao Zhou Rd 358, Jing An District, Shanghai, 200040, China

Objective: Acting as role models in tobacco control has been widely accepted as the responsibility of medical staff. However a sample survey held by China Disease Control released that the smoking rate among medical staff was as high as 45% in six cities, and they had very limited knowledge on how bad smoking was for one's health. How was the current status of tobacco smoking and tobacco-cessation of medical staff in Shanghai?

Methods: To address these questions, a-city-wide survey was conducted in August 2005, some 47,902 staff from 237 hospitals attended this survey, and EPINFOR 6 software was used in data analysis process.

Results: Results indicated that the smoking rate of medical staff was13%, in which 95.4% of smokers were male staff while 3.9% were female. Profession-based analysis result showed that administrative staff had the highest smoking rate (26.5%), followed by surgeons, technicians, internists and nurses with the smoking rates being 23.1%, 16.1%, 12.6%, 0.5%, respectively. Although 93.8% of medical staffs realized that they should strongly suggest smoking patients to quit smoking and provide patients with tobacco cessation services, and 67.1% of them answered that providing tobacco cessation service would not affect diagnosis and medical treatment of diseases, the truth was that 83.8% of staff had not gotten any training on tobacco cessation service and could not help their patients on this effectively. Survey results revealed that 56.6% of medical staff had never provided their patients with tobacco cessation advice, and 41.4% of them even didn't know how to advise smoking patients to quit smoking.

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