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The 13th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health

Building capacity for a tobacco-free world

July 12-15, 2006, Washington, DC, USA

Friday, July 14, 2006 - 1:50 PM

The Internet Tobacco Problem and How to Stop It

Eric Lindblom, JD, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, 1400 I Street, NW #1200, Washington, DC 20005

There are hundreds of Internet tobacco product sellers based all over the world, new ones pop up all the time, and old ones can quickly switch their physical locations, names, and websites. Stopping these Internet vendors from selling tobacco products to youth and from selling tax-evading, low-cost tobacco products is critical for public health. But doing that through traditional laws, regulations, and enforcement measures is ineffective and impractical. Fortunately, effective alternative strategies exist to put Internet tobacco product vendors that fail to comply with applicable restrictions and requirements out of business.

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