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The 13th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health

Building capacity for a tobacco-free world

July 12-15, 2006, Washington, DC, USA

Thursday, July 13, 2006 - 12:00 PM

the Quitter Kit:THE ALTERNATIVE (a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to Smoking Cessation: all the Know How and the ‘ingredients' attractively conveyed in a BOX )

RIMA KHALIL, MPH, Tobacco use control, Don't be Duped Project, Green Shield Office,Beirut;Gefinor Bloc A 11th Floor, Tabaris,Beirut; Sored Bldg 4th floor, Beirut, Lebanon

Objective: It is all about “ALTERNATIVES”: a smoker' cessation attempts succeed better when he is furnished with replacements. The Know How for successful quit scenario & the essential requirements of a milestone treatment protocol is generously delivered in a box.

Methods: The quitter kit aims at assisting smokers with tips to effortlessly survive the change& to persist with no relapse . Beside avoiding secondhandSmoke & alcohol, the ready-to-quit smoker is initiated towards managing stress & avoiding weight gain. He is provided with nicely delivered practical instructions printed on the 5 sides of an exciting colorful box which includes variety hand-to-mouth satisfying substitutes, cigarette-like or tasty virtually non caloric replacements, choice of combination NRT(patches, gums, microtab, lozenges,Zyban) and effective, distinguished stylish instruments & gadgets to divert smoker from 'lighting up' together with gourmet weight control alternatives Quitter kit provides a systematised provision of all needs including variety flyers re gym-classes,exercises disciplines, stress management recommendations &lifestyle regulation towards healthy choices.

Results: Among tips:a)small sugar free liquorice,citrus or cool strong mints(1-aftertaste alters cig.& postpones it;2-virtually non caloric,discretly supplied,(accessible anytime in easy small container) ;b)new flavor amuse-gueule(not used before while smoking);c)contact with cold water smoothes rough urges-same as nicotine which lowers body temperature;d) refreshing green stick-like vegetable avoid constipation& ;e)brushing teeth delays urges (minted flavored toothpaste&contact with water);f)mineral water,herb teas &green tea are diuretic & weight control aid etc.. With no cigarettes, smoker' appetite increases & food taste better as buds are recovered.The box contains,high fibre low fat-low glycemic index biscuit,also dark 85%cacao chocolate thins(magnesium rich to control stress)..

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